Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are planning a wedding or event we hope to address many of your most commonly asked questions below, if we don’t, please contact us!

How do we secure our date?  Provide us with your signed contract and a 40% deposit to secure your date.  The balance is paid in two equal payments as reflected in contract.  We accept Cash, Check, or Credit Cards. The rate is subject to change until the signed contract is received.

Can we have more than 72 people? We have chosen to offer a high level of service only to intimate weddings of 72 or fewer total guests. In case of inclement weather or simply because your choice to celebrate indoors, 72 is the number that will comfortably fit in the reception hall.  Vendors who are not also guests and babies who will be held during dinner do NOT count in this number.

Do you require a damage deposit? Yes, we do. A compliance deposit is required and if no damages are found and the rules of the contract have been followed, it will be refunded within two weeks following your wedding.

Can we choose our own caterer?  We do allow you to choose your own caterer.  Even food trucks!

Is security required? We do require one officer to be in attendance, but we make it simple by taking care of that for you.

Can we serve alcohol? Yes, by a professional TABC licensed bartender from our approved list. Even if it is just beer, it must be served by the bartender. Only the couple may provide the alcohol, no BYOB allowed.

What is wedding liability and liquor liability insurance and is it required?  Liability insurance covers any expenses you are found liable for should a guest be injured (food poisoning, or accidents caused by intoxication) or the venue is damaged during your wedding.  Yes, we do require it.  It is a nominal fee of ~$100 which we believe is important to require for our couples’ benefit.

Do we have to have a wedding planner?  We do not require a paid planner, however we strongly encourage all couples to have a day-of coordinator even if it is a friend.  We cannot stress enough the value in having someone to oversee all the details of your wedding so you, your family, and your friends can fully enjoy the special occasion you worked so hard to create.  Even if you do not hire someone, you must provide the name of your go-to “coordinator” person should issue need addressed.

Can we have real candles? Yes, we do allow real candles but they must be contained. Tip: Battery operated are better for any outdoor decorating needs.  Too many brides are disappointed when candles get blown out by the slightest breeze, so it is best to plan on the battery operated candles for outdoor use.

Can we use sparklers or confetti for the send-off?  Yes, we do allow the 21″ sparklers and they must be purchased from a wedding sparkler source. NO fireworks stand sparklers are allowed. We do not allow confetti, glitter or any other paper product anywhere; there is simply no way to clean it all up.

If we cancel can we get our money back?  We do not refund deposits/payments that have been received if your wedding/event is cancelled. If this is at all a concern we recommend you look into wedding cancellation/postponement insurance. 

Can we pick up our decorations the day after the wedding?  We ask that all of your decor and personal belongings are taken home with you immediately following the event.  We cannot be responsible for anything left behind.

Is smoking allowed?  We are a non-smoking property. No smoking or vaping is allowed in buildings, ever. To protect the beauty of our property we have one designated smoking area to accommodate your guests.

What if it rains? We do not wait till it rains to decide to move your celebration indoors. We assess the rain chance and when it will rain to determine how we need to proceed.  

What is the charge for the decor items?  They are included in the full and small wedding package price.

Do I need a DJ?  Though not required it is encouraged. Professional DJs are at your wedding to fulfill a service they were hired for so you can be sure your music will be as planned. Though some couples don’t plan to do a lot of dancing a DJ still acts as emcee, making announcements as needed, and will play appropriate music during as the celebration progresses. If you choose to have a friend connect a device to a speaker and run your music, that is accepted, but make sure they will take the honor seriously and show up on the day of your wedding.

Bride and groom with fun sparkler send-off Temple Texcas