This is a very exciting and perhaps daunting time for you – choices to make, vendors to hire, and a budget to consider. Weddings are beautiful and exciting and yours should be looked back on with fondness and feelings of joy. We want to help you achieve that with month of coordination. We are here to help the bride who knows what she wants she just needs someone to hand everything over to for her wedding day. The last thing a bride needs or wants is to be solving problems, answering a ton of questions from multiple vendors, or directing the timeline on the day she celebrates becoming a wife. The bride and others who are close to her also want to enjoy the day and would rather focus on the special moments than finding an extension cord, or running to the store because someone forgot to bring cups. We are equipped to think through the details and bring peace to brides because together, we’ve created a plan and I’ll be there to see it through.

Wedding Officiant

There is only one vendor needed at every wedding to actually have a wedding, otherwise you are just having a fantastic shindig – an Officiant. Traditionally, couples were married by their pastor or priest, but today with couples moving about they don’t have a family minister to perform the marriage vows and make their union legal.



Our inclusive add-on is for the couple who want to keep the planning simple and the wedding fabulous.  This package includes all you need except photographer and catering.


If you don’t want to take time to decorate we can do it for you. This is a great way to maximize your time on site for other things, like hair and make-up and photos before the ceremony.

Absolutely incredible venue! Everyone was amazing to work with and I absolutely cannot recommend the all inclusive option enough!
Emilee & Tyler
January 2023