Our Story

Who are we? We are a fun and loving family who has longed to live in the country and had a dream of creating a charming wedding venue.  After two years of searching and praying for the right property for our family, August of 2016 we finally made it to “the country.”  We love having room to roam and are daily thankful for the blessings evident all around us. Stephen and I (Tricia) have been married 30 years and love being married.  We are a team, and love working together and supporting each other as we journey through life. We have a desire to serve God and hope that through this opportunity we can shine His love on what is naturally a joyous occasion.  On our gate to our personal entrance we call our home Agape Farm, because we have learned that Agape love is love that makes a difference, it is selfless love.

Why is this property different from any other? When we fist visited the property we couldn’t help but appreciate the features of our property and envision them being shared with others. We have been told that this property was the first dairy farm in Bell County, which explains the beautiful clay block silo that presides over our land and will now serve as a unique feature of Silo and Oak. Speaking of oak…we have so many beautiful ones!  I cannot wait to see weddings taking place under their boughs which create a romantic canopy with beauty which needs no decoration.

Why did we want a wedding venue? Well, over 15 years ago Stephen was ordained as a lay minister at our church in Austin and he began assisting the ministry by officiating weddings.  A few years later, our nextdoor neighbor who owned a wedding venue in Round Rock asked him if he could help out one of her couples whose officiant bailed on them at the last minute.  He said he would like to meet them first to make sure that they were comfortable with him officiating their marriage, and as the saying goes, the rest is history.  He has now performed over 1000 weddings as one of Central Texas’ top officiants (I Do Ceremonies) and that means we have gained a whole lot of experience regarding weddings and wedding venues over the years.  During the years Stephen was busy officiating weddings I was working with a travel agency who specialized in honeymoons and destination weddings and representing this company at bridal shows and venue open houses connecting us with even more vendors and insight into what is important to couples and what makes their day better. I became a certified wedding planner and we are happy to serve couples in this new way.

What have we learned about weddings? Weddings can be stressful, but don’t have to be.  Couples on a budget or who want a small wedding still desire and deserve a beautiful wedding.  Professionals make a difference.  Having a coordinator is worth the money.  Having an experienced officiant makes your ceremony all that it should be.  A great wedding is one that reflects the couple not others.  Things will go wrong (if humans are involved it’s inevitable) but at the end of the event all that matters is that the couple leaves as husband and wife.

What is our hope for Silo and Oak? That couples getting married and community members who are hosting another type of event will love our venue!  That as the couple begins to work through the myriad demands of planning a wedding we bring peace and joy by providing a great venue experience. That we offer a relaxed and elegant venue with authentic country charm as well as elements that show our thoughtful attention to detail.

We thank you for visiting our site, getting to know a bit about us, and considering us for your special event.