Weather Matters

YDKWYDK – weather matters Extreme heat. Extreme cold. Rain. What’s the big deal if the ceremony is outside in these conditions? Well, what couples don’t often consider are their guests, who are dressed up for a lovely celebration and are sent out to sit 10-15 minutes before the ceremony (this is because it takes that […]

Impress a Wedding Professional

Dear Brides, Grooms, Mothers of the bride and groom… I have a very important tip to share with you that will make your inbox (whether email, or on a wedding site) less cluttered, and will totally impress any vendor you reach out to for information: Respond to them. I know, it sounds so simple, and […]

Should You Assign Seats at Your Reception?

Something I have learned after having many conversations with couples regarding the reception is they think assigning people to tables and/or seats is for formal dinners only.  I like to share why even a taco station dinner at a 5p.m. at an outdoor wedding benefits from assigning guests to tables even if not to exact […]

The Etiquette of Tipping Vendors

I have read many articles on tipping and who should be and who shouldn’t. After years of hearing from vendors themselves as well as being one, I can say that when a vendor goes above and beyond to make your day great, you should let them know you appreciate them. The following is shared from […]

Some Wedding Rules Really Should be Followed

**The following is taken from  I shared it on fb and many people responded appreciating what is has to say.  I recognize not everyone uses fb so I want to share it here to make sure all our couples have access to great tips! 20 Wedding Rules You Should Definitely Follow (No, Really) Follow […]

The Grand Wedding Exit!

For every fantastic event the final touch is the grand exit. This especially applies to weddings, which are known to have a grand exit also known as the send-off.  Thankfully modern weddings are no longer limited to just rice, in fact most venues don’t allow rice at all, so what’s a couple to use?  What […]

The Guest List Conundrum

Besides a budget, the most important initial decision that must be made before planning your wedding is the guest list.  And nothing causes more angst than the guest list, even if it really shouldn’t.  If your budget is limitless, then this blog post is not for you.  Invite everyone and anyone.  But if you have […]