YDKWYDK – weather matters

Extreme heat. Extreme cold. Rain. What’s the big deal if the ceremony is outside in these conditions? Well, what couples don’t often consider are their guests, who are dressed up for a lovely celebration and are sent out to sit 10-15 minutes before the ceremony (this is because it takes that long to get them all out there, plus family that arrived 45 minutes early) so they are already in the blazing heat, or freezing cold and are uncomfortable. If it’s winter time and below 50 degrees, the women are shivering, the men are giving up their jackets, and noses are running. If it’s heat they are dripping with sweat, makeup is melting, hair is wilting, the guys are still giving up their jackets and anything else they can appropriately shed. Then the bride and groom, who are already sweating from nerves, add in the heat induced sweat for some lovely wet hairstyles and not just glowing skin, but rather water droplets upon their noses and chin. Worst of all, grandma has a heat stroke and the whole party pauses for the EMS to show up (yep, we’ve seen it). Of course in below 50 degree weather the strapless gown clad bride has red skin splotches from the cold and the groom is rubbing her hands throughout the ceremony to keep her circulation going. At least HE feels great, since he is layered in an undershirt, dress shirt, and coat.

Then there is the rain. Why, oh why does the venue require a decision early in the day to move your ceremony and reception indoors?! Because if they wait and allow the weather to force a flip, all heck can break loose. The chairs get wet and have to be broken down and moved, then dried and re-set up. The DJ is cussing under their breath at the couple and the venue for allowing his very expensive equipment to get wet (he hopes the mic will still work for announcements), the photographer quit taking photos way before because nope, they aren’t letting their fancy cameras get poured on, etc.  Then, after all that breaking down and re setting up, you are starting your ceremony an hour late, losing at least an hour of your reception fun. And instead of an hour of gorgeous sunset photos, you may get 15 minutes.

We know you don’t know what you don’t know. So, the big deal with weather and why rain plans are important is real. Every vendor wants your day to go smoothly and be all you hoped. Choose a venue that can provide the best weather alternative experience for your day. And don’t think it’s wrong if vendors have a clause in their contract that they won’t work outside in certain weather conditions – now you know why!

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Happy planning!