Dear Brides, Grooms, Mothers of the bride and groom…

I have a very important tip to share with you that will make your inbox (whether email, or on a wedding site) less cluttered, and will totally impress any vendor you reach out to for information: Respond to them.

I know, it sounds so simple, and yet millions of wedding professionals sit and wait and wonder if you received their email. You know, the email they sent to you in response to the one you sent to them.  Wedding professionals care about you, they want to provide you with a great service, and they don’t want to miss out on your business.  So good ones keep track of those who reach out and follow up to see if you are still interested in their services.  They don’t want to just forget about you, because they know you are busy and are receiving a lot of emails, maybe, just maybe you missed their first email. So, now they have to send a follow-up.  Maybe you didn’t miss it, maybe you are just embarrassed to tell them you appreciate their response but you no longer need their services.  I’m not sure why couples don’t respond to those they took the time to contact for more information or even an appointment, but they don’t.

On behalf of the entire wedding industry I ask you with all kindness let these professionals off the hook.  Not only will it make their day to hear back from you (yes, even an email stating they are no longer needed makes them happy) it will keep you from receiving follow-up emails you don’t want.

I know it will drive you crazy when you don’t receive your response cards back from your guests you so graciously invited to your wedding.  This is how wedding vendors feel all the time. 🙂  Impress them with your thoughtfulness, send a 10 second response, it doesn’t even need a stamp.;)

Happy wedding planning!!